We Made A Podcast


It was inevitable. I said it was. We made a podcast. The quality is bad, and the content is not much better. But damn it, we made a podcast! Listen for as long as you can. We appreciate it. Or maybe we don’t. What does it matter?

A couple notes

This podcast was created with a pair of Beats, a MacBook Pro, Garageband, a Jambox, a Dr. Pepper TEN and a pair of iPhones. Suck on that MacGyver.

We discuss the latest episode of the The Walking Dead, “Bury Me Here.”

The packets “we got for Christmas two years ago,” or the potato soup, that I mention around the 12-minute mark of the episode was Liberty Bell Potato Cheddar Soup from Patriot Pantry. I referred to these packets earlier on this blog. The soup was not terrible. It was actually just as good as Bear Creek or whatever just-add-water soups you pick up from the grocery store. The whole family decided we could live on it in the event of a natural disaster. I think that counts as an endorsement, so please, Patriot Pantry, send me free stuff.

The baseballs Riley says he’s going to steal are the Mike Trout autographed baseballs my boys scored from Spring Training in Tempe, Arizona, this past week. That will at some point turn into a blog post.

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