Ninety-one problems


Ernest Hemingway once — did you know that I teach college students English, and last semester when I asked them if they knew who Hemingway was, only one person just kind of twisted his hand in the air?

Well, Hemingway, an American author, said, “I write one page of masterpiece to ninety-one pages of shit” — this is what he said, so here the word “shit” is actually a literary term. I write a lot of, to use a literary term, shit. Blog posts, tweets, short stories, essays, lesson plans, talks, sports articles.

I’ve actually started like four or five different blogs over the past five years or so. They’ve all been shy of greatness. This one most certainly will be too. But I have spent too much time and money becoming a master of English — I have the document to prove this — to not write. With this blog, I’m working to overcome the fear of being an average writer and an average person while trying to improve both (I didn’t want to say that last part, but I felt like I should).

I’ve tried waiting until I narrowed down the right audience and saw a path or big picture unfolding, but really it was hard enough just finding a domain name. I’m going to post short stories and essays and regular blog posts, probably about things like reading and writing and sports and being a dad. They’ll most likely be average until they’re not. The only way I see to overcome mediocre writing and living is to be brave enough to screw up in front of people.

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